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Massage Services:
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60+ minute Traditional Massage: experience and feedback allows the therapist to cater techniques to aid in relaxation of muscles and mind.
90 minute: Taking the time to seriously address tense spots. $110                    
A word about Deep Tissue: Your traditional massage will include deeper work on knotted muscles. If you are looking for a head to toe deep muscular massage please call.
60 minute Aromatherapy Treatment: custom blended essential oils are freshly prepared focusing on what ails you. While the whole body is addressed, points along the spine, neck and face are the focus.
30 minute Head/Face/Neck: a quick fix until you can allow more time for yourself. Pressure points and massage help get the blood flowing in typically stressed areas.
Add on Services:
-Herbal soak footbath andexfoliation: 10 minute soak in aromatherapy bath salts toprepare your mind, soul and feet for relaxation. Followed by a textured scrubto soften and renew feet.   $15  (foot soak only.... $5)
-15 minutes extra on feet: using Dr. Hauschka rose foot cream. Feet are massaged with this specialized cream that softens hard skin and then wrapped in warm towels at the end of your scheduled service.   $15
-15 minutes extra on hands: Nails are massaged with cuticle oil; hands are massaged with extra rich lotion, and then wrapped in hot towels to help it all penetrate.  $15
-Back scrub: Before your treatment, have your back exfoliated with a sugar scrub to remove dry, dead skin.  $10
-Guided Meditation: After your extraordinary massage or facial allow yourself time tobask in the bliss. No need to get up, a guided meditation is played for you as you gently deepen your relaxation and refresh your mind. $10
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Skin Care Services:
Basic European Facial: $65 
A 60+ minute service using Bioelements Professional Skin Care line.
* Facial services include an aromatherapy blend scalp massage to send you and your new glow on your way.
  Since 1991, skin care specialists have been using Bioelements  individualized formulas to treat the skin, target complexion concerns and discourage skin aging. And, unlike ordinary skin care, each Bioelements product is a professionally created treatment designed to make a major difference in the appearance of your skin. 
A facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear well-hydrated skin.massage to relax you and stimulate blood circulation
· extraction: where any blemishes, blackheads and/or whiteheads
· a mask targeted to your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature.)
· application of toners and protective creams
· advice on home skin care
A facial involves a few basic steps:
· cleansing
· exfoliation, usually while a steam vapor is directed at your face.
· facial
Try a express facial for $40... includes cleanse, exfoliate, steam, mask and moisturizer... 30 enough to do on your lunch time or stop by on your way home from work!
Add an enzyme exfoliation to any facial for $15... more exfoliation than a scrub but less than a lactic acid peel. Perfect for brightening without any down time.
Lactic Acid Peel: more professional results exfoliation. Half hour service that includes cleansing and careful application and monitoring of peel. Slight tingling and itching occurs during time left on but the results are fabulous!
$65 Works best in a series of 3. Usually one per month. 3 for $180
Waxing Services:
Eyebrow...Be amazed at what the perfect arch can do for your entire face.
Upper Lip
Packages: Get the most from one massage or facial by continuing your treatments. It takes time for your muscles to knot and your skin to lose it's glow so take the time to undo it. Package rates of 60+ minute Traditional massage :Package of 3=$210 ($15 savings) $70 per massagePackage of 6=$390 ($60 savings)$65 per massagePackage of 12 (like the other guys but better :) = $720 ($180 savings)$60 per massage60+ minute european facial:Package of 3=$180 ($15 savings)$60 per facialPackage of 5= $275 ( $50 savings)$55 per facialPackage of 12= $600 ($180 savings)$50 per facial